Creating awareness about small business brands in Nigeria. 

Brands are powerful assets for businesses; they represent one of the most valuable assets for any business. 

Because they lack physical substance, brands are intangible assets. Therefore, it is important to that small businesses manage their brands properly to enjoy the full benefits that come with them.

Smart startups and small businesses recognize the need to take every opportunity available to spread their message.

Small business brands in Nigeria

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a customer’s capability to distinguish and recognize a brand in different contexts. 

For example, asking a group of people ‘‘what is the best product that comes to your mind when you think about bottled water?’’ provides a basic understanding of bottled water brand awareness in the market. 

Brand awareness affects perceptions and attitudes towards a product or service. 

Customers tend to buy familiar products; when tasked with the option of selecting among alternatives, the products that are familiar are more likely be favored.

Check out the following small business brands:

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Why small business brands in Nigeria need to create awareness

Small businesses need to create awareness of their brands. This is because customers’ awareness of said brands impacts their behaviors when they are buying a product.

The more aware consumers are about your brand, the higher the likelihood that they’ll keep your brand in mind in purchase situations.

It helps to make your brand prominent and memorable in the customers’ mind, which in turn helps to improve the chances of making a sale.

Brand awareness therefore helps a business to create relationship and belief of a target audience towards itself and its product or service.

Brand awareness is a means through which people become informed about a certain brand and are able to recognize, as well as recall the brand.

Creating awareness about your business may eventually lead to positive and desirable changes in consumers attitude towards your brand.

High levels of brand awareness can significantly increase a brand’s market share and contribute to other brand aspects such as brand image, brand equity, and brand loyalty.

The dynamic landscape for small business brands in Nigeria

The different types of digital media available now has created multi channels, through which people can create and access content and information.

For example, applications such as Google and Facebook and free collaboration and publishing software such as wikis and blogs can all be used to create and access content and information. Also, Low-cost content production tools such as OBS and iMovie are interactive new media and tools business owners are utilizing.

Increasingly, people are being transformed into media owners with advertising inventories. 

Therefore, not only brands and traditional media are participating in media but consumers as well.

As a result information can be created in minutes and shared across digital networks. This means there’s no hiding place for bad brands.

In the midst of it all, consumers are constantly trying to filter information and make choices.

These shifts mean that, although businesses are not completely out of control, they are not in complete control of their brands.

What small business brands in Nigeria look for 

Innovative businesses target specific audiences through various platforms and work to connect with genuine fans of their brands.

People’s relationship with a brand changes with information, therefore a progressive brand will continue to innovate.

Such brands strive to work with those who align with their brand’s image and show enthusiasm for the brand.

How small business brands in Nigeria can create brand awareness on a budget

Brand awareness offers startups and small businesses opportunities to scale their businesses. 

Free brand awareness for small business brands in Nigeria

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