How do I get ideal clients for my small business? 

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How to get customers for my small business

Questions about how to get the ideal client for your small business – are about how to identify your target market or find customers that need your product or service.

How do I get ideal clients for my small business?

The ideal customers for a small business will depend on the type of product or service you offer. You need to profile the market in order to get the particular people who need your product or service. Also, look at what your competitors are doing to get their own customers, use the internet to reach out to people and get existing users of your product or service to give reviews about your business.

I’ll explain each aspect further in the following sections:

how do I get ideal customers for my business?

How to get ideal clients – Type of product or service

You need to determine whether your product or service is for the low-end or high-end market. That is, consider where your product or service lies, and place it along the low-end and high-end market continuum.

Would your product appeal to the low-end or high-end market? The answer would also help you profile your target customers.

I’ll explain profiling more in the next point. Keep reading!

The low-end business provides lower-priced products or services for customers. These customers are not willing or able to spend large amounts of money.

In the high-end market, the customers associate high price with high value and are willing and able to spend large amounts of money for your product or service.

How to get ideal clients – Determine who needs your product or service

Profiling the market will help your know who your ideal small business customers are and where you can find them.

For examplelet’s say that broadly, the ideal client for your African black soap shampoo business are females with natural hair.

More specifically, you may target female university students with natural hair.

In addition to helping you to know who your customers are, profiling the market will also help you to determine the right price for your product or service. 

Learn from your competitors about how to get ideal clients for your business

Learn from your competitors business. What problems are they solving for their customers and how are they going about doing that?

Learn about methods they used to get their own customers. Make necessary changes to their methods or ideas to fit your own business.

Talk to people about how to get ideal clients for your business

Inform people about your product or service. The more people that know about what you do, the higher the chances of converting many who need your product or service to customers.

In addition, you can get clients for your business through the internet. If you have a website, you can direct potential customers to your website from your social media. You can also get customers directly on social media e.g. Instagram or Facebook. Create posts that display your products and how you can be contacted.

Get reviews from existing customers to get ideal clients

Let people who have used your product or service give reviews or testimonials.

The recommendations and honest opinions of existing customers about their satisfaction with your budiness will help affirm the value of your product or service.

If your business is new, you can give free samples of your products or fress services to potential customers. In return, you ask for honest feedback about your business. The reviews or testimonials from these people will help you attract more customers.

Below are answers to more specific small business owners questions about how to get ideal clients.

How to get ideal clients for my agribusiness

Is there a market for gnetum africanum business in Nigeria?

There is a large market locally for gnetum africanum, since it is a main ingredient for making local soups in many parts of Nigeria. According to the UNDP, Nigeria imports over 4,000 tons of Afang annually. It is believed that if the vegetable is well handled it gives about N500,000 every six months

This data is probably dated, and there would have probably, been an increase in those figures.

How do I get customers that will buy my gnetum africanum and palm oil?

Gnetum africanum (Okazi, Afang or Eru) has both economic and environmental (forest preservation) importance.
If your products are well packaged, you can use personal contacts in offices, banks, schools etc, to introduce your products to people who work in those places.

Alternatively, you can sell locally – directly or supply sellers, in the traditional market. 

In addition, depending on the size of your business, and if you wish to target people abroad (the diaspora market), you can contact African shops abroad (check websites for contact information). You may be able to supply these sellers.

Also, you may ask for help from family and friends living outside the country to help connect you with buyers abroad.

However, note that, if you intend to sell your products abroad, there are strict rules and regulations you must comply with in terms of quality, packaging etc.

How to get ideal clients online

How can I get customers who need my products online?

How to get ideal clients online

There are many ways you can get customers online. Especially customers that’ll buy your products.

Here are examples of people and places where small business owners have gotten customer their products and services online:

How to get customers online through family and friends

Your current contacts can give you a simple and organic way to reach more people online. Nuture the relationships e.g. by making meaningful contributions to their posts.

In addition, you can ask them for favours – to help share your product or service. In return you give offers for your services e.g. free samples or discounts.

Connect with friend of friends who you think would be a great fit to expand your network. Join similar groups that they belong to, if you feel you might find potential customers there.

How to get customers online using searches

You can get customers for your business online by using online searches as a tool. People search using search engines like google, bing, and other platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. You can get customers online by running adverts targeting:

  • People who have searched for or bought products or services that are similar to your own product or service. 
  • People who are specifically searching for reviews about your product or service online.
  • People who are searching for a problem that you know your product can help. For example, someone searching for black soap for acne on google is a potential customer for your organic black soap business.

How to get customers online using groups and communities

Join online groups and communities that are relevant to your business. You can find groups and communities on apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and Clubhouse etc.

Most online groups frown at people spamming their spaces with links and adverts.

However, some of these groups in return for your membership and being active, set aside days where members can advertise their products, drop social media handles or websites.

However, whether such an offer exist or not, the trick is to try as much as possible to be active in those groups. Add value by giving suggestions and by answering questions.

When you constantly add value, people will come to know and connect with you and your business.

Those curious will click on your profile to know more about you and hopefully your page is already set in such a way that they can see what you have to offer.

How to get customers online by creating content

Create or get experts to help your create content regularly. You can create content on your platforms e.g blog, YouTube, or any social media connected to your business.

Make consistent and high quality content that can attract people to your product or service.

For example, you can make videos or podcasts that are free about how to use your product or service – hoping it would attract customers to your business.