Small business email scam: how to prevent it

Small business email scam

Small business email scam. How to prevent small business email scam. This article is about ways you can protect yourself and your business. It us about how you can avoid phishing scams.

Small business email management is very important.

This is because email is a critical tool. Small business owners need to develop effective email management practices in order to use it in a more productive way and aviod business email scams.

Otherwise, it can hurt your health, work-life balance and limit business success. Typically, office workers spend an average of 2.5 hours reading at least 200 messages a day.

According to a McKinsey report, the average interaction worker spends 28% of the workweek reading and answering emails. 

Why it is important to guard against small business email scam?

Small business owners tend to check their emails around the clock. They do this often because they are concerned about staying in touch and not missing out on opportunities.

Spending a lot of time on the screen can be unproductive and can distract you from concentrating on meaningful thinking and pursuing more productive activities.

An effective small business email management practice is to make use of the services of a virtual assistant.

Making use of such services would take away the burdens of reading and answering emails – particularly marketing emails. 

Small business email scam

In addition to the amount of time a small business owner spends reading and answering emails. Another challenge small business owners face is the burden of business email compromise. 

Ways to protect your small business from phishing scam.

It is important that small business owners know about business email compromise and to develop effective email management practices to reduce the burden.

You need to know how scammers get your information in the first place, in order to protect yourself and your business. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and your business against online criminal gangs that target small business owners. 

Scammers tend to find it easy to pull off their schemes, but they can be difficult to stop. You can protect your business from hackers by using the following precautions. 

Simple precautions you can take to prevent small business email scam.


Here are simple precautions you can take to protect yourself and your business from email scam.

When dealing with suppliers it is advised that you ‘know-your-suppliers’ prior to starting transactions with them.

Where possible, obtain supplier’s landlines phone numbers rather than mobile phones that can be easily hacked.

Get to know your suppliers and sort out how language barriers (if any) would be handled.

Obtain all confidential information prior to transactions and always refer to it rather than quoting it during every transaction. Since both parties already know what is being referred to.

Increase the number of staff that are involved in completing a transaction, from the beginning to the end.

The more people involved, the lesser the chances of being duped.

This might be challenging for many small businesses.

Read on to find out how you can easily solve this challenge.

Another way to prevent business email scam is to check your accounts regularly.

Always check your bank account, if possible twice a day; at the start and close of business.

If a fraud is detected early enough, your bank might be able to stop it. Opt in to receive email and text alerts from your accounts.

Train yourself and your staff to identify suspicious emails and if in doubt have in-house procedures for confirming all payment transactions or contracts.

If you can, invest in technology that can identify such messages.

Though this can be difficult because many of these scams are hard to detect by anti-malware programs and by internet service providers filters. However, it might be possible to limit them.

When making bank transfers, do a small wire initially to confirm the account you are sending the money.

You can tell if an email is suspicious because most of the time scams are too good to be true. Therefore, when it looks like it is too good to be true, most likely it is!

Do delete email containing links offering you something special and don’t click attachments from such emails. Delete them immediately.

Other simple tips to avoid small business email scam

Add verification tools such as the two-factor authentication on your email accounts where possible.

Though the scammers can use online proxies to disguise their location, their English might give them away. Official emails hardly have grammatical errors.

Don’t use unsecured wi-fi connections. Secure your devices by updating your software regularly.

Change your password regularly using strong combinations and don’t use the same password everywhere.

These are ways you can minimise the chances of falling a victim of online scammers.

These techniques can help you prevent Business Email Compromise. Remember when a small business gets scammed out of a large sum of money – that will probably be the end of such a business. 

Why you need professional services.

Some small business owners try to do too many things all by themselves. Sometimes because of reasons bordering cost.

In addition to email compromise, another burden small business owners face is handling marketing emails. Business emails also need to be well crafted.

Customers prefer emails which are written using appropriate fonts and optimised for mobile devices.

Also, they don’t like to wait for images to load.

Additionally, customers prefer marketing emails that provide information but less about promotion.

That means your business emails need to be well crafted so that customers can find them meaningful and useful even though you are still promoting your business. 

A simple and easy way to reduce email compromise and marketing email burdens is to make use of our services.

Our goal is to help your business day to day and make things easier for you.

We would take the burden off your chest and you’ll be able to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Running a marketing campaign can be time consuming when you are a small business owner. Trying to do everything by yourself could lead to missing out on important leads.

Contact us today. We can help you with cost effective ways to handle prospects enquiries and offer prompt responses.

This will help you reduce email burdens and you’ll only need to focus on the sensitive emails such as financial email transactions.