7 Easy to develop attributes of creative people

Attributes of creative people are their distinguishing characteristics.

These elements of creativity can be developed and improved to boost your personal creativity.

To enhance your creativity, you should develop or make improvements in the following areas:

Attributes of creative people

Attributes of creative people – originality

Originality is an element of creativity. It means novelty or newness, and it is an outcome of innovation. However, because something is new, does not mean that some version of that thing
never existed.

Entrepreneurs often build on existing techniques, products, and tools, to create something novel and useful.

Attributes of creative people – curiosity

Another attribute of creative people is curiosity. A characteristic of curiosity is the ability to notice, and a willingness to look for the surprise or the unusual in a situation.

Fear cripples curiosity because, curiosity has the potential to open up the unknown and sometimes, the dangerous. However, when one is fearful, curiosity is hard to sustain.

Curiosity is an attribute that makes a creative person spend time to observe, identify unexpected information, and to evaluate the information.

The creative individual then decide what, if any, actions they might take to leverage the information.

Attributes of creative people – flexibility

In growing organisations such as a start-up, working tasks change very quickly.

Flexibility gives room for adjustments, and an entrepreneur needs to be flexible at all times.

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise that require making new decisions on activities and processes, that were quite different from the planned ones.

In such a situation, employees are given more responsibilities as the business takes advantage of emerging opportunities. Therefore, they are required to creatively solve problems that emerge.

Flexibility refers to the ability to quickly react to such changes, to switch gears/approaches, with minimal disruption to the flow of work.

Mental or intellectual flexibility gives the capability and knowledge, to recognise and execute solutions to problems, and to take advantage of opportunities.

Attributes of creative people – openness to new experiences

Openness to new experiences gives the ability to adjust, change, and adapt to situations.

An entrepreneur cannot anticipate all possibilities of the entire new venture creation process, and cannot control the outcome of the venture’s business activities.

Openness to new experiences helps the entrepreneur manage unexpected occurrences.

This attribute helps the entrepreneur embrace such occurrences, and to consider them as challenges rather than threats.

An entrepreneur that possesses this attribute is unlikely to perceive useful or valuable inputs from employees and customers as senseless and useless.

Being open to new experiences, gives an individual the willingness to accept a range of ideas.

It therefore, increases the likelihood that profitable opportunities will be noticed, and considered, which can lead to competitive advantage.

Attributes of creative people – ability to tolerate ambiguity

The ability to tolerate ambiguity is being comfortable with uncertainty. That is, moving ahead even without any degree of certainty.

This attribute helps entrepreneurs move ahead despite how chaotic and unpredictable the business environment is.

Through training and experience, entrepreneurs can develop and improve their ability to tolerate ambiguity.

This attribute equips them to effectively cope with uncertain situations that may occur in the future.

The ability to tolerate ambiguity gives self-confidence and belief in the vision for the business.

Being able to tolerate ambiguity helps entrepreneurs prevail over concerns and fears, boosts their creative energies and gives them the ambition to succeed.

Attributes of creative people – independence of judgement

Independence of judgement refers to the independence of thought and action.

It refers to how individuals are able to make their own business decisions, set their own pace, schedule, and avoid prejudice and stereotypes.

Independence of judgement allows an entrepreneur make good decisions about the coordination of scarce resources.

This element of creativity describes the entrepreneur’s ability to draw upon their intuition, and their capacity to reflect on relevant experience.

Being able to make independent judgement is particularly important, in improving the quality of decisions that are taken by entrepreneurs. Especially in urgently novel and complex situations where objectives are ambiguous.

Attributes of creative people – sensitivity to problems

Being sensitive to problems determines the extent and quality of attention being paid to the needs of others.

Sensitivity to problems stems from a concern for the welfare of others, and finding solutions to their problems.

This attribute helps entrepreneurs think of customers as individuals, not as numbers.

Having a creative mind-set makes one sensitive to problems.

Sensitivity to problems helps to draw attention to customers problems or needs, and to create products and services that address the identified problems.

Mofoluke Akiode