Diaspora networks in Nigeria

Diaspora networks in Nigeria. This article explores diaspora networks and entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Although small and medium enterprises are believed to play a crucial role in the economic growth of developing countries. However, these businesses face a lot of challenges and many countries are seeking for ways to nuture their small and medium enterprises. Network… Continue reading Diaspora networks in Nigeria

Small business diaspora crowdfunding

Small business diaspora crowdfunding. You might be wondering if crowdfunding is possible for a small business? Yes, it is possible and it creates the opportunity for entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-Sized (SME) business owners to raise funds for their businesses. In this article, we explore the use of crowdfunding by entrepreneurs in Africa through diaspora… Continue reading Small business diaspora crowdfunding

Coronavirus impact on small businesses

Coronavirus impact on small businesses. The good news so far is that the number of cases of the virus in Africa is low. In addition, the reported cases are mostly European travelers. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has labelled the corovirus a pandemic. This means that the virus is spreading in multiple countries around the… Continue reading Coronavirus impact on small businesses

Hometown associations agribusiness investment

Hometown associations agribusiness investment. The diaspora agribusiness investment model discussed in this article is useful if you are looking for group investment opportunities. Especially, if you want to invest in agribusiness in your country of origin. This article addresses how diaspora investments by hometown association group members can contribute to agribusiness development. Based on a… Continue reading Hometown associations agribusiness investment

Vegan inspired agribusiness

Vegan inspired agribusiness ideas or plant-based inspired agribusiness ideas. In this post, we are looking at agribusiness opportunities which are availabe to people living in the diaspora in the vegan or plant-based market. If you live outside the country and asking what type of business you can invest in back home. This article should be… Continue reading Vegan inspired agribusiness

Agribusiness ideas for diaspora investors

Agribusiness ideas for diaspora investors and for entrepreneurs looking to invest in Nigeria. If you are looking for agribusiness ideas or investment opportunities in agribusiness in Nigeria. This article should be of interest to you. Many people in the diaspora often ask about investment opportunities back home. What agribusiness investment opportunities exist in Nigeria for… Continue reading Agribusiness ideas for diaspora investors