African print shopping tips

African print shopping tips

African print shopping tips. This article provides useful tips to guide you as you shop online for African print clothing.

These African print online shopping tips e.g. for fabrics such as ankara can help you get the best designs and print patterns at a cheaper price.

Not only that, it gives tips that would help you save time when shopping for good fabrics and locating a good tailor.
Typically in Africa, people buy ankara fabrics and take them to a tailor.

The tailor designs and or sew. However, not all tailors can design beautiful African print dresses or skirts. Some tailors are only good at reproducing styles from African print style catalogues.

Sometimes a customer might have an idea of the style they want for their dresses, tops or skirts. They would describe to the tailor who would get it scribbled down with intricate details.
However, the final product can be a wow when you work with a good tailor who is kind to your fabric. In other cases, many people have tales of woe about their experiences with tailors.
Although there are couture designers, their services tend to be quite expensive.

The beauty of an African print clothing is not only in the patterns on the fabric but also in the style and the finishing.

African print shopping tips

So, you want to find a balance between cost and looking elegant and stylish.
Looking for a good tailor could involve getting recommendations from family and friends or by trial-and-error method.

When you eventually find a good one you’ll typically be a loyal customer to that tailor.

Nevertheless, tailors sometimes dissapoint even their most loyal customers. They sometimes take more orders than they can fufill within a period of time.

African print shopping tips – five reasons why you should consider shopping for your Ankara prints dresses and skirts online
  1. When you buy online, you can save yourself the hassles of shopping around for a good African print fabric. Also, you can save the time spent in searching for good tailors.
  2. Online shopping is convenient. Although some people love shopping around when taking a trip to the mall. However, when you shop online you are able to see a wider range of designs and patterns.
  3. Buying African clothes online can take away the stress and shame out of buying or making clothes because of body image issues.
  4. You get great styles at bargin prices when you shop for African print clothes online whether from you are buying from a custom clothier or from a big box store .
  5. You are also able to compare prices which means you can get great bargin with less stress.
Questions about shopping for African print shopping tips
Can I buy African Ankara print clothes online?

Yes, you can buy Ankara print clothing online. There are many online shops selling Ankara African print dresses and skirts, as well as fabrics. There are also beautify casuals and dashikis for men. You will find an array of stylish and elegant African Ankara clothing from which you can select.
The fact that you are here reading this blog suggests to me that you are interested in buying African print fabrics and designs online.

If you want to buy Ankara skirts, Ankara tops and Ankara gowns online. Below are useful questions and answers that would help you. Especially, if you are not sure about where to start from.

How do I know if an online African print store is reputable?

One way of knowing whether an online store is reputable is to verify its domain.

In addition, you need to do a search on the website and a broader search for their social media presence and customer reviews.

Also, check their address and contact.

I know the reputation of a store is a source of worry for many people. Therefore, you need to shop around online. Not just for the best prices, you also need to ensure that you keep your guard to avoid disreputable sellers and scams.

African print shopping tips – how do I choose the best Ankara dress for me online?

Well, you’re in the best position to know whether a type of Ankara dress or Ankara skirt is the best for you.

Ask yourself what type of clothes you feel comfortable in, considering you body type and other factors.

However, you can start by choosing from simple but stylish designs.

If the fit is good then, next tine you can make broader searches from the same brand or widen your scope to other brands.

You can also get the opinions of others if that would give you more confidence.

African print shopping tips – how would I know if an Ankara fabric clothing bought from an online store would fit?
  • The next and very important thing to do is to check your measurements against the size chart. Don’t assume that because you wear a size 14 for a particular dress you’ll need the same size. Sometimes companies have slight differences in their sizes.
  • If possible get a professional or at least someone else to take your measurements.
  • Women would need their bust, shoulder, waist, length and hip measurements.
  • Depending on what you’re buying you may need your height and arm length.
  • Men should also have their chest, neck, waist, length, shoulder width.
African print shopping tips – things to do before you check out

Now that you’ve found a very stylish Ankara/African print dress. If you’re sure you love it and you want to buy it instantly. Before you commit to a purchase, there are a number of things you need to consider:

  • Make sure you didn’t exceed your budget. Always have a budget and stay within it. Also, have a list of things you want to buy before you even start shopping.
  • Make sure the design you choose is exactly what you want to buy.
  • Ensure you check the pictures well again and that you have very good views of the clothing from different angles before you proceed.
  • Check prior buyers reviews to guide your decision.
  • Sometimes no matter how much effort you put into getting the size right, you may need to do some alterations. That should be fine as long as it is not a major one that can completely alter what you hoped for.
  • Check the return policy in place and also check the parcel delivery times.
  • Complete your cart, proceed to checkout and wait for your delivery.

Hope you found these African print shopping tips useful.

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