Make water alkaline in Nigeria easily

Make alkaline water in Nigeria

Make alkaline water in Nigeria easily. This article is about how to make water alkaline at home and on the go. Read about alternatives to bottled alkaline water.

Do you know that you can make your drinking water alkaline by yourself?

This article would be of interest to you if you want to know how to make your drinking water alkaline.

Read on if you are interested in knowing methods and brands that can help you achieve this aim.

With these alternatives, you can make alkaline water yourself without necessarily having to buy alkaline water in plastic bottle.

People seek alternatives to alkaline bottled water for different reasons.

Some people want to reduce plastic litter and prefer to buy the reusable bottles that can be attached to dispenser machines.

Others prefer alternatives that can alkalize normal tap or warm water. Especially when on the go and at their own convenience.

How to make water alkaline in a cup

This option is suitable for busy people who are seeking ways to make their water alkaline on the go.

Make alkaline water in Nigeria

Water cups with filters can be used to make water alkaline.

The cups have filter capacity that increases the pH of water.

The filter in a cup adds beneficial minerals such as magnesium, zinc, selenium and iron to water.

It also eliminates heavy metals and reduces fluoride and chlorine.

Therefore, the water has a smooth taste and is odourless.

Additionally, some water cups have digital filter indicator to check the pH level of water.

Make water alkaline in Nigeriafilters in alkaline water cup

Some water cup filters contain diatomite balls. The diatomite is a filter aid with a pH of about 9.21.

Research points to natural diatomite as an effective absorber.

In addition, it also has electrical conductivity similar to that of an alkaline soil.

The absorption capacity of diatomite also makes it a suitable low cost material for removing heavy metals from water.

Furthermore, the filter removes sand, sediments, free radicals, limescale and prevents calcification.

Diatomite are fossilised remains of diatoms. That is, they are remains of single-celled aquatic algae found in salt and fresh water.

They form sedimentary rock.

Where to buy alkaline water cup brand in Nigeria

The Longrich Alkaline Pi Cup is the most popular water cup in Nigeria.

The Longrich cup is made from steel. When you buy the Longrich Alkaline Pi Cup, you need to activate it.

They are sold mostly through distributors. However, the Longrich Alkaline Pi cups can also be bought online.

Make alkaline water in Nigeria - lonrich alkaline pi cup
Longrich Alkaline Pi cup

Activating a Pi cup basically means getting it ready for you to use it for the first time.

Make water alkaline in Nigeriahow to activate a Longrich Pi Cup

  • Add warm water to the mark in the Pi cup.
  • Close the Pi cup but ensure it is not too tightly closed.
  • Leave the water in the cup for about 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, shake rigorously and repeatedly after for about 3 minutes.
  • After the first shake, repeat the process one more time.
  • Finally, rinse the Pi cup with room temperature water.
  • Rinse till the cloudy water becomes clear.
  • Before drinking, always pour your pure or warm water into the cup making sure the cup is filled up to the upper part of the filter.

How to service or revive a Longrich Pi cup

If you haven’t used your alkaline cup in a long while or if you mistakenly washed your Pi cup with soap; and you are uncertain about whether you can use the cup again.

Here’s what you need to do to service or revive your cup.

  • Pour vinegar and warm water into the cup.
  • Cover the cup but not too tightly and shake for about 3 minutes.
  • Add warm water and leave in the cup for about 30 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse with warm water and leave the cup to dry before use.

Make water alkaline in Nigeria – alkaline drops

In addition to the cup, another option for making your water alkaline on the go is to use alkaline water drops.

This option allows you to add minerals in the form of colourless, tasteless and odourless drops.

The drops add minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium to your water.

Typically, the water drops package contains a pH tester comprising of test strips and pH range.

This option is particularly ideal for travel because it is handy.

All you need is to add the drops to your glass of water.

Where to buy alkaline water drop in Nigeria

A very popular water drop brand is Alkazone Drops. It is out of stock on popular online retail shops in Nigeria.

Make water alkaline in Nigeria -alkazone drops
Alkazone Drops

Alternatively, you can check top supermarkets in major cities or buy online from Amazon.

This antioxidant electrolyte mineral supplement helps to balance your pH.

Additionally, it helps your body get rid of acid waste products.

According to the directions, you need to mix 3 drops in an 8oz (0.2 litres) glass of water. You can drink up to 4 glasses daily.

Also, you can add the alkaline drops to juice, tea, coffee.

Make water alkaline – in filter machines

These water filter machines come in various types and brands.

You can attach some to your faucet and produce alkaline water.

The filter does not only purify your water, it also transforms ordinary water to alkaline water.

In addition, some filter machines come in countertop form.  

Where to buy alkaline water filter in Nigeria

Livpure Nigeria is an Indian company based in Kofo Abayomi Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Make water alkaline in Nigeria - livpure Nigeria water filter
Livpure alkaline water filter by Livpure Nigeria

According to the company, a range of alkaline water filters made from advanced technology are available:

  • Livpure Touch Alkaline Water Purifier
  • Livpure Envy Alkaline Water Purifier
  • Livpure Bolt alkaline Water Purifier
  • Livpure Glitz Silver Water Purifier

Contact the company for price.

Make water alkaline – in pitchers

A water pitcher that can be used for making alkaline water is basically a jug with a water filter.

To get the best out of your water pitcher, and to get the best results you’ll need to:

  • Select a brand that is easy to assemble.
  • Be sure that it is easy to clean.
  • Check for durability.
Make water alkaline in Nigeria - alkaline water pitcher
Alkaline water pitchers

The water pitchers can be paced on a countertop or in a fridge. Jumia sells a wide range of alkaline water filters and pitchers.

Make water alkaline – in earthen clay pots

Alkaline water can also be made from traditional water pots made from clay.

The earthen clay pot is believed to have both cooling and alkaline effects on water.

Proper care needs to be taken when handling the clay pot because it can break easily.

Just like the Pi cup, don’t wash your clay pot with soap. The soap can leach into your drinking water.

Rather wash with hot water and a sponge or brush.

Also, it is important to ensure that the pot is kept clean always.

Earthen clay pots can be bought from local markets.


When exploring options for making your water alkaline, you should consider factors like the capacity e.g. how long the filtered water can last.

Also, ensure the design and carriage meets your requirements.

If you choose a cup alternative, is it easy to carry and does it have a hygienic flip?

In addition, you need to check whether the cup can be easily washed.

Confirm the filter content of the option you choose and be satisfied with it.

Ensure the filter parts are ready available and can be purchased from the seller.

Remember, alkaline water does not cure all diseases.

Some people with pre-existing conditions are advised to seek their health practitioner’s advice about drinking alkaline water.