Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid

Be aware of recharge and get paid
Be aware of recharge and get paid
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Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) online business in Nigeria. This article gives a comprehensive information about this online business.

Having registered as a business owner on RAGP, the aim of this article is to give a balanced and honest review of the business.

The intention is also to raise some sore points that the company would do well in addressing immediately.

These signals are also important aspects you may need to consider before making a decision to join this business or any other MLM business.

Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria

Recharge and Get Paid is a VTU (Virtual Top Up) vendor.

Through this online platform, you can credit your phone at any time, from anywhere in Nigeria. RAGP is also available in Sierra Leone, Cameroun, Liberia and South Africa.

In addition, the company pays you a VTU commission for buying airtime and internet data through the portal.

It also allows you to pay bills such as electricity, GOtv, DStv, Startime and to make cable subscriptions online.

Not only that, you also get paid for doing so.

You might be wondering how this is possible?

Well, in order to use the platform you need a referral and need to choose one of the packages available.

The company also pays you a referral commission when you recommend the business to others.

In order to refer someone in Recharge and Get Paid, the person needs your referral ID.

You can also provide your referral link (available on your portal) to the person.

Recharge and Get Paid uses a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model.

Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid – directors

People are asking: who is the director of Recharge and Get Paid?

According to some online sources, The CEO of Recharge and Get Paid is Mr Ositadimma Oshopo.

An online search for the profile of the CEO yielded only a few results. For example, there is a Facebook profile.

There are also a few blog posts here and there about him.

However, it doesn’t appear that he is very active on LinkedIn.

In addition, there is a video on Youtube that shows him introducing RAGP to an audience.

According to the CEO in the video, the company sells what every Nigerian consumes daily – recharge cards and airtime.

The only difference is that RAGP is calling on you to change the platform where you do business and get paid as a result.

Many people attest to making money from the business and there are many posters and photos of people earning millions of Naira as income on WhatsApp Groups and other online sources.

However, the validity of such claims would need to be verified by those who personally know these people.

Who are the individuals and corporate organization behind the business and what authority regulates the business?

The first sore point a curious prospect would notice is that the company’s website About Page does not tell visitors the people behind this business.

Albeit, this is very important, especially for an online business. It lends the business a form of authenticity.

Also, it is usually comforting to see an authentic profile of a business owner and other directors [if applicable] of a business.

Especially, a business that claims that millions of Nigerians are investing daily in their business.

According to the RAGP website, the business address is located at HCR Plaza, Plot 521 Sylvester Ugo Cresent, Behind Ecobank, Jabi, Abuja.

There is also a Lagos business address and an RC number on documents used by RAGP independent distributors.

Overall, the CEO seems to maintain a very low online profile – for an online business owner.

Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid – MLM business model

An MLM business model is a type of business model which could be deemed legal or illegal – depending on regulations in various countries.

This type of business is also called network marketing or affiliate marketing.

In Nigeria, there isn’t any regulation prohibiting genuine MLM businesses.

In fact, many MLM businesses exist in Nigeria. For example, Forever Living Products, Avon Cosmetics, Oriflame, Hempworx etc.

These are few examples of well-known MLM businesses operating in Nigeria.

However, in the past there have been illegal businesses running ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes in Nigeria.

These illegal businesses are made to look like a legitimate MLM business but they are not.

Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid registration process

Registering on RAGP is simple. You need a referrer (someone who already is in the business) who becomes your ‘upline’/mentor.

Typically, you have probably heard about RAGP or introduced to the business through family, co-workers, friends or acquaintances.

It is a networking business.

You can select a package from these categories:

  • Basic – N5,000
  • Bronze – N10,000
  • Silver – N20,000
  • Gold – N30,000
  • Diamond – N40,000
  • Platinum – N50,000
  • Executive – N100,000

In addition to the VTU and referral commissions, the company also pays you a 20% sign up commission.

Basically, it gives you back 20% of the money you paid.

VTU commission recharge and get paid

You also get monthly leadership bonus when you are entitled to one based on your monthly PV.

Your PV grows as you bring more people into the business.

Also, you get a leadership award based on your cumulative PV.

Must I include my Gmail account and bank account number while registering for recharge and get paid (RAGP)?

While registering, you are expected to provide the following:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Phone Number
  • Username
  • Password (minimum of eight alphanumeric characters, no special characters)

You also need to register with the following details:

  • Bank Name
  • Account Type
  • You also need an Account Number
  • Account Name
  • Purchase PIN (combination of any 7 numbers).

Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid account details update

How can an already registered member on Recharge and Get Paid change account details he/she used during registration?

If you are already registered as a member on Recharge and Get Paid, you can update your profile and account details easily.

From your portal, you can do the following:

  • View Profile
  • Update My Profile
  • Purchase Pin Update
  • In addition, you can Update User/Transaction Password

Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid eWallet

Your eWallet (Total Account Balance) is displayed on your dashboard.

You’ll also find displayed – your Plan, Point Value, Network and your last 10 transactions.

You can also check your total commission earned in Recharge and Get Paid there.

Some sellers have claimed that they don’t have full access to their eWallet.

That is, while you get your commissions paid into your eWallet, you may not be able to withdraw in cash – at least for a while.

According to older sellers on the platform, while the auto funding feature works (e.g. you can easily move funds to RAGP) the auto withdrawal feature (e.g. transfer money from RAGP to your bank account) is still a work-in-progress.

By implication, your earnings are reflected on the portal but may not be easy to convert to cash.

This is the second sore point that could potentially impact the credibility of the business.

This would discourage many prospects in the diaspora who want to invest in the business.

At the time of writing, the transfer into RAGP feature works, I was able to fund an eWallet from a bank account (with a charge of N70).

In addition, I was able to buy airtime from the wallet and received VTU commissions for my purchases.

RAGP VTU commissions

If you are registered or about to register, ask/confirm from your upline if they’ve withdrawn from their own eWallet.

They may advice you to continue your hustle pending the when the feature is available.

You may also want to find out how easy it is to your funds if/when you quit.

Be aware of Recharge and Get Paid Electricity bill payments and member upgrades

When you login to your portal, from the navigation menu, select Bills Payment.

There you can select the Disco Type, Meter Type (e.g. PostPaid or PrePaid), Meter Number and Amount.

You may find it difficult to pay electricity bill on RAGP if your Disco Type isn’t on the drop-down list.

In order to upgrade in Recharge and Get Paid business, from the navigation menu, select Member Upgrade to upgrade to your new package.

Also you can use the Recharge feature to buy airtime or data bundle. Just select the provider (e.g. Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9 Mobile) and the amount of airtime or data plan you want to buy.

You’ll need the phone number you wish to recharge. Then verify the network and specify the amount you wish to recharge.

This is done almost instantly. However, be careful when you are using this feature.

If you fail to input your 7 digit PIN code, you’ll get an error message.

You can easily forget this step because there is a default code that appears.

However, all you need to do is to remove that and input your own PIN and you get your recharge done instantly.

You need to also note that if you mistakenly credit a wrong number, no reversal is possible.

This leads to the third sore point. The Recharge and Get Paid customer service is very poor.

On the same day I registered, I encountered the problem of recharging two wrong phone numbers.

It took a while to reach the customer service lines. On the two separate lines called, the customer service agents seem to have their mobile phones while on-the-go.

The first call was a difficult to make because of the sound of traffic and other noise in the background.

The second line was fairly better but in both cases, the customer service agents didn’t seem to be in a dedicated workspace in an office.

They also don’t give instant response. Rather, you are asked to forward your complaints to their email address on the website.

Response could take up to about 30 -40 minutes by email.

RAGP customer service

When the response finally came, the customer care agent told me they couldn’t help. I was advised to call the line and to sort it out with the owner of the line I wrongly credited.

Both MTN and 9 Mobile whose numbers were affected said they couldn’t help because of the ‘platform’ I bought the credit from (the issue was latter resolved with the intervention of the NCC).

Courteous customer service agents are a plus for any business, especially those that can make you feel good even when the answer is a no.

Eventually, someone also responded on WhatsApp but the response was as cold as the previous one.

Recharge and Get Paid Nigeria


You can make phone recharge, TV subscription and bills payment and get paid on your RAGP VTU portal.

Support teams are available to help new recruits. So if you have any questions, contact your support team.

Is it better to invest in a makeup product sale or RAGP business?

According to statistics less than 2% of MLM business owners succeed. Based on this statistics only, selling makeup products might be better. However, if you believe you can work hard a be one of the less than 2%, the key to success in addition to working hard is, to work with a genuine company. Also, the nature of the MLM product also counts.

Is the company called Recharge and Get Paid real?

The company is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission. Many Nigerians are doing this MLM business and many use their VTU portals daily for transactions.

Is Recharge and Get Paid a going concern?

The continuity of any business depends on how the management run the business and the extent to which the business management are legal and regulatory compliant.

According to the compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Reports of the second and third quarters of 2019. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) de-registered Recharge and Get paid.

The commission claimed that it published a disclaimer in two (2) national dailies on the de-registration of RAGP licence.

The commission also claims that Mobile Network Operators (MNO) were directed to cease any communications service with RAGP.

There is a warning to the general public that any person who deals with the company does so at their own risk.

All other things being equal, the business stands a chance of growing and surviving.